LLC “Transexport” Company carries out the transportation, the transshipment and the storage of the special large-sized and heavy-weight facilities. This type of work is considered to be as one of the complicated in logistics that is why it requires the individual approach, perfect services interaction, thorough preparation and usage of the special transportation facilities.

Specialized machinery transshipment requires thorough preliminary preparation

  • Calculation schemes in relation to fastening toward transport facility, permissible maximum loading.
  • Plan designing concerning loading and mounting.
  • Developing of appropriate and profitable cargo route with minimum quantity of loading and unloading places.
  • Preliminary construction operations fulfillment as required for carrying-out the specialized machinery transshipment.

Mainly, specialized machinery transshipment is carried out by means of railway transportation in the wagons, gondola wagons and on the platforms. We chose the optimized scheme of transportation, select fastening materials and coordinate with rail operator of rolling equipment.

Owing to the bride branching, the cargo can be delivered at any part of the country, with that, the transportation cost will be minimum in comparison with other types of transport. Some definite corrective actions during movement process can be set as required in compliance with which the arrival time of cargo at destination point is calculated.

In order to carry out the specialized machinery transshipment within Russia, the special permission is required. Only that Company can get it, which confirm qualification of her specialists, technical equipment availability and the appropriate staff.

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