Rendering such service as dangerous cargo transshipment, LLC “Transexport” Company strictly follows rules, regulated by International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code and developed by International Maritime Organization. We cooperate with “Port Vostochnye Vorota –Primorsky Zavod”, which has the license for such type of loading – unloading operations.

Our Company takes responsibility for the cargo safety; we follow all requirements in relation to the safety regulations and carry out loading operations properly. “Transexport” Company has big experience concerning dangerous cargo transportation of 4-5 class of hazard (namely: self-ignitable matters, oxygenizing and organic peroxides), for example: sulfur and “clot” niter. We also transship such matters as following: chloride of potassium (potassium chloride) and deoxidizing agent of steel, ferrosilicon manganese in big-bags.

Next procedures have been developed, as following:

  • Technical services of transshipment, stowage and storage of dangerous cargo of different hazard classes;
  • Complex of measures concerning safety procedures for every class of dangerous substances;
  • Order of rendering the first aid in case of accident occurrence;
  • Sequence of activities in case of finding of violation of packing and wrapping materials integrity;
  • Measures warning damage of packing and wrapping materials.

The special attention as taken to proper stowage and fastening the cargo, these measures exclude problems occurrence during the extended movement. In case of container transportation, the specialized marking by the sticker is used, pointed out the hazard class of cargo. Our Company has all necessary equipment, own machinery and the highly professional staff.

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