The Russian coal is an inexpensive energy source of high quality, more stable in comparison with oil (where market is subjected to sizable fluctuations), so it is in constant demand. It is effective and profitable type of fuel. It is bought eagerly not only in Russia, but in different countries of the world, including Asia.

“Transexport” Company constantly updates its facilities, buying up-to-date machinery, so it gives high capacity of the terminal and coal safety during transshipment operations fulfillment.

The coal transshipment is carried out by means of Company’s own park of machinery

  • Grab bucket: 4-ropes 7 m3; one-rope (single-line clamshell) 7m3; electro-hydraulic 10m3;
  • German re-loader “FUCHS” 380, weigh - 66 tons;
  • Self-dumping truck: three-axle; four-axle;
  • Shipping coal loading machine with magnetic metal separation;
  • Excavating machine “Komatsu” RS 75
  • Machine for sorting and magnetic cleaning of coal HCS 5515

Unique and powerful grab buckets significantly increase the loading speed, so it allows to keep the cargo quality and to avoid continuous impact of atmospheric effects. Besides, the Company has big areas of covered storage facilities and conveying facilities. Their usage makes loading operations harmless for ecology.

We carry out the full coal forwarding in any Asian country with the arrangement all approval documents for export. Our Company has the skilled and qualified specialists, the high capacity and the equipped areas. We keep the natural quantity of mineral and deliver the fuel within the shortest time period. The Russian coal is perspective export direction and “Transexport” Company pays maximum attention to it and resources.

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