Forwarding services

The concluded forwarding agreement guarantees - we will pick up the optimal plan for the movement of cargo and develop a route of movement.

Coal transshipment

Transshipment of coal is carried out using its own fleet of vehicles.

Dangerous cargo transshipment

Our company assumes responsibility for the safety of cargo, we comply with all safety requirements and competently carry out loading operations.

Specialized machinery transshipment

The company LLC "Transexport" carries out transportation, transshipment and storage of special large-sized and heavy equipment.

Cement transshipment

There are equipped facilities on the terminal territory (covering 10 hectares) which are specially designed and suitable for cement transshipment.

Coasting cargo transshipment

For our customers, we offer an optimal settlement system - the freight forwarding cost of the company's services is unified, and the cost of sea freight depends on the quantity of cargo and the distances to be covered.

Pipes transshipment

Our company is engaged in transshipment of pipes of different diameters for Rosneft and Gazprom.

Lumber transshipment

Modern loading and unloading equipment, extensive storage areas (covered warehouses and open concrete areas), developed transport infrastructure - all this allows OOO "Transexport" to transship timber and saw logs (round timber).

Sending containers

Our company provides services for transshipment of large-tonnage 20, 40-ft containers along different technological lines.

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