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We offer fast and reliable delivery every time and are proud to be considered a reliable partner who is able to process orders with relatively short delivery times

Sea transportation of cargoes

Sea freight transportation on different technological lines. We will find the best price / speed option for you! Flexible rates and discounts

Railway transportation of goods

Transportation of goods from Nakhodka. Prefabricated, container, oversized. Delivery all over Russia.

Our advantages

  • Reliable

    The Company has taken place on the Market of the cargo transportations since 2005 and has unblemished reputation.

  • Convenient location

    LLC “Transexport” location at Nakhodka port on the territory of CJSC “Port Vostochnye Vorota P.Z.” allows our Company to be in the center within 24 hours for the cargo movement from any part of Russia to Asian countries. Besides, our Company carries out the direct control over loading and unloading operations at the port within 24 hours and import goods delivery carefully from port to any part of the country.

  • Personal park of powerful and reliable cargo loading machinery

    Our Company doesn’t depend on conditions of the hired Company. Therefore, the loading speed exceeds almost twice the standard speed.

  • Without any risk

    Using services of LLC “Transexport” Company, you can avoid numerous risks, especially when the cargo incurs a risk during delivery. Our Company bears responsibility for Your quotation and takes the full cargo forwarding with execution of all necessary covering and insurance documents, taking into account the type and destination point of these documents.

  • Experience and professionalism

    This is not the first year when our Company works on the market of cargo transportation, therefore, our personnel knows how promptly and legally carry cargo through the Customs, complying with all requirements of customs legislation.

  • Quantitative delivery

    Our Company knows well how it is so important to protect the cargo from the atmospheric precipitations in order to keep all the Consumer properties of delivered cargo. This is precisely why we give special attention to make proper conditions for storage, using storage facilities and canopies as well. Besides, separators are foreseen for such non-coherent materials as coal. So, it excludes its re-sorting and damage.

  • Storage facilities

    LLC “Transexport” Company has at its disposal large sized warehouse spaces, so it allows to accept goods from a Client with its following loading on board ship of transport facility and its delivery to Consumer.

  • Profitable

    “Transexport” Company” - is perfectly working system, profitable for our Сonsumers!

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