Information about the Company LLC “Transexport”

LLC “Transexport” Company was found in 2005. Cargo transshipment is the major activity of the Company. The Company has stable development, uses the up-to-date transportation facilities and has the professional approach to logistics. The Company has significantly enlarged the complex of services concerning different cargo transshipment for the period of being on the Market.

Priority directions of our work

  • Coal transshipment.The Company has its own park of the specialized machinery for this type of transportation.
  • Coasting cargo transshipment – over all distances, including routes through different seas.
  • General cargo transshipment.

The Company is the general forwarding agent, one of the largest port’s terminals as CJSC “Port Vostochnye Vorota”. The Company has the control over all cargo, which passes through this terminal (more than 500 КТА). The terminal has 9 quays and the general length is more than 1 km.

The main goal of our Company is the successful cargo delivery, well-defined organization of work for continuous and cargo arrival in due time, economical development concerning not only “Transexport” Company, but town and port as well.

The Company has all necessary facilities for successful cargo delivery and forwarding

  • The Company has its own park of powerful and reliable machinery facilities for loading and unloading operations carrying-out. The loading speed exceeds at almost twice the standard speed. The Company has the specialized machinery which can carry out operations concerning any type of cargo.
  • The Company has qualified office and management personnel. The Company has professional staff of all spheres with higher education and more than 10-year work experience. It allows to carry out cargo forwarding and its documentation competently and reliably.

There are next large-sized production giants among Company’s Clients as following: Nakhodkinsky helium refinery, OJSC “Rosneftstroy”. We carry out pipe loading and delivery of different diameters for “Rosneft” and “Gazprom” Companies.

Our Company provides with next services as following: guideline concerning Clients requirements and wishes, maximum attention for everybody independently of delivery volume, individual approach to any task solution in the sphere of logistics. Many people, applying to us once, become our constant Clients.

All proposals concerning cooperation are considered thoroughly and promptly.

The company, developing itself, helps to develop the port and the town.

It was and it is and it will be one of the major priorities of our activity.

Our coordinates

Registered office address: 692911, Primorsky Krai, Nakhodka town, st.Portovaya 72, building 3

Postal address: 692911, Primorsy Kray, Nakhodka town, st.Portovaya 72, building 3

  • Primary State Registration Number: 1092508003312
  • Individual Taxpayer Identification Number: 2508091019
  • Tax Registration Reason Code: 250801001
  • Russian National Classifier of Business and Organizations: 62319309
  • Russian Classification of Economic Activities: 63.40
  • Russian Classification of Objects of Administrative –Territorial Divisions: 05414000000
  • Russian National Classifier of Ownership Patterns: 16
  • Russian National Classifier of Forms of Incorporation: 65

Bank connection

OJSC SKB Primorya “Primsotsbank” Vladivostok town

  • Current account 40702810800200000993
  • Foreign currency account 40702840100200000993
    current foreign currency account
  • Foreign currency account 40702978700200000993
    current foreign currency account
  • Foreign currency account 40702840800400100993
    transit currency account
  • Foreign currency account 40702978400400100993
    transit currency account